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Script - we help immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers access their entitlements in their native language. We want to create a more equal, supportive and language inclusive world for people experiencing communication and lack of information barriers.

Script is a one stop for all, working to provide government forms currently available in 5 languages.
We work with translators and improve our platform based on your feedback to deliver the easiest, most accessible way for you to apply for your entitlements !

What strikes us the most is that there are 182 spoken languages in Ireland yet all government services and their forms are only available in English and Irish.

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🙂Meet the Team 😎

a little note about us

Welcome to Script, our names are Diana Hrisovescu and Shay McDonnell. We are based in Dublin and we are working remotely and in-person to make Script one of the most inclusive services that helps you access your entitlements!Send us a message on social media for a chat or if you have any questions in regards to ScriptWe would be more than happy to assist you.
As much as we love building cool stuff, we are passionate entrepreneurs for social good😎MISSION: help immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers access their entitlements by preventing application processing delays due to miscommunication and/or language misunderstanding.

🙃The Good Old Days😊

a little bit of history

Script started off in January 2020, as a SciFest Project, supported by Teen-Turn a non-profit organisation and developed further during Patch Summer Accelerator 2021 @Dogpatch Labs. Currently, Script is receiving funding from Launchbox Accelerator 2022, @Trinity College Dublin; Tangent Trinity Ideas Workspace.As we are still in the developing stage we hope to launch and make our product available to the public in January 2023.We are testing our prototype in the community and improving it accordingly 😀😊
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VISION: most inclusive service for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland and abroad in their native language.GOAL: help at least one person : )

Contribute - Discover the World

Working with our team will help you develop interpersonal skills, practice using your language(s) on a daily basis and provide you with the opportunity of helping thousands of people from all around the world.If you are a translator, native speaker, bilingual, polyglot, or software developer, background in design, marketing and anything in between or an NGO and interested in social good, entrepreneurship and social impact press the button "START HERE" to join us.It’s entirely up to you how much time you’d like to contribute, alternatively you can fill out our quick survey to anonymously play a part in our continuous research happening behind the scenes.😊
We’d be absolutely delighted to have your support and yourself on the Script team!
You can join us at any stage along the way as long as you have a keen interest and a passion for social good!We Want You! Now, more than ever, it is so crucial that we join our forces! Join us and be the impact you can possibly be!

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